Sex Trafficking Red Flags and Indicators

Top 10 Sex Trafficking Red Flags and Indicators

● Physical abuse (bruises at various stages of healing).
● No control over (money, ID, or passport, etc.)
● Ignorance of where or why they are in the area.
● Numerous inconsistencies in their story and/or it sounds scripted
● Minors engaging in sexual acts for anything of value
● Age-inappropriate relationships
● Individuals who are being closely monitored by someone
● Submissive/signs of anxiety/depression/extreme nervousness
● Possession of multiple cell phones
● Multiple runaway incidents

● History of sexual abuse
● Extremely fearful
● Tattoos indicating branding of victim (money, crown, initials, rose)
● In possession of multiple hotel keys/cards, prepaid credit/debit cards, cell phones, etc.
● Individuals who are under constant surveillance
● Have no control over identification
● Few or no personal belongings
● Traveling with multiple people requiring multiple rooms or near an exit
● The person is in the company of substantially older adults
● Lack of freedom of movement
● Evidence of physical abuse or general physical neglect
● Signs of psychological, physical, or sexual trauma
● Sexually transmitted infections
● Possession of multiple cell phones
● Multiple runaway incidents
● Drug addiction
● Eating disorders or poor nutrition
● Signs of self-injury
● Fatigue
● Non-specific symptoms of PTSD
● Symptoms of psychiatric and psychological problems
● Poor living conditions
● Responses seem scripted or rehearsed
● Vague/inconsistent explanation of where they live and work
● Seems to change location frequently
● Unpaid or very low paid
● Stockholm syndrome
● Serious injuries that have not been treated and are explained vaguely or reluctantly
● Evidence of long-term multiple injuries

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