Programs and Services

Tribal Wraparound Project

The Tribal Wraparound Project is a program that is led and funded by Washington State Department of Commerce , Office of Crimes Victims Advocacy (OCVA). The primary goal is to support Indigenous Victims/Survivors of Labor and Sex Trafficking.

Wraparound services infer all needs of that person’s life (physical, mental, emotional, &  spiritual) will be met.

Direct Client Assistance Mobile Advocacy

As an organization comprised of human trafficking survivors, we know the many complex and intersecting challenges that survivors face: health and mental health struggles, alcohol and substance abuse, racism and deep generational poverty, complex post-traumatic stress, and much more. As survivors, we too, have experienced these challenges. However, as professionals, we have clinical expertise in addressing these challenges in a culturally relevant, respectful, person-centered, and strengths-based manner. Understanding the vulnerability and resilience of survivors, we embrace our work with patience, perseverance, practicality, and positivity. And understanding the deeply complex cultural elements of human trafficking – spanning tribal communities, to urban highways and strip-mall storefronts – we approach our work with a practicality and a familiarity with the human landscape and infrastructure that supports trafficking. Most of all, we understand what it takes to disrupt the infrastructure of trafficking, and to help survivors find safety, regain stability, realize new goals, and rebuild toward a more positive and hopeful future.

Training, Technical Assistance, Protocol Development & Research

We are a survivor-led organization, and our work is informed by our 38 combined years of lived experience in escaping and healing from trafficking situations and helping others to do the same. Our core leadership team, made up of survivors from diverse backgrounds, has more than 30 years of combined professional experience in delivering culturally responsive, trauma-informed, victim-centered training and technical assistance. 

The primary focus of our training and technical assistance programming is to develop and expand individuals’ and organizations’ capacity to recognize and respond to human trafficking. We have developed and delivered specialized training to federal and state government agencies, tribal programs, nonprofit organizations, first responders, educational institutions, and direct service providers across the U.S. to address their knowledge, skills, and practice needs. Since 2016 we have trained more than 22,000 individuals.

Mariposa Project

The Mariposa Project curriculum is a tool proven successful for survivor empowerment and professional development by providing peer support and in-person survivor-led and developed curriculum-based cohorts. The Mariposa Project includes modules on healing, overcoming re-entry barriers, life skills, financial literacy, advocacy skills, and tools to help participants prepare for movement building and consulting on the issues of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Without proper support, survivors will continue to be re-victimized by media, agencies, organizations, and those who seek a sensationalized survivor story. We believe as survivor leaders we have a responsibility to empower others and help to build a healthy infrastructure within the survivor movement. The Mariposa Project provides opportunities for survivor leaders to come together to learn from one another, build unity, and trust and collaborate on meaningful projects. Survivors greatly benefit from specialized trauma-informed professional development training to gain skills, raise confidence levels and build community with the anti-trafficking movement. Past cohort graduates work with our organization in various capacities and we strive to advance the work of the over 30 cohort graduates.

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