Want to help Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking?
When it comes to modern slavery, nearly everyone believes that individuals who are exploited or preyed on must be treated with care and respect.



There is no such thing as “child pornography.” It’s images, or material, of sexual abuse of children. So I would say use the term, “Child sexual abuse material.”


There is no such thing as “Child Prostitution” either. Children cannot consent to their sexual exploitation. So we should call it the “Exploitation of children for prostitution.”


It’s not just another form of tourism, it’s the sexual exploitation of children taking place in the context of tourism and travel. But we now use an abbreviation, SECTT, which stands for the “sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.”

In recent years, this has resulted in a shift in how individuals working in the media, law enforcement, and advocacy refer to people impacted by slavery, referring to them as survivors rather than victims or slaves. The reason for this is because the term more accurately represents the temporal nature of the crime and the belief that individuals who have been exploited should not be defined or boxed in by their awful experience.

We need your help! We are raising funds to fight human trafficking and help survivors.

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