Our Funders

Innovations HTC’s work is rooted in the strength and courage of Indigenous survivors of human trafficking who have rebuilt their lives to lead a movement seeking to end the exploitation of women, girls, boys, men, two-spirited, and other people for the financial profit of others. We are a survivor-led, social justice organization that is deeply rooted in Indigenous communities and communities of color throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our mission is to empower survivors to heal and build self-sufficient, affirming lives and to engage first responders, tribes, and other stakeholders in eliminating human trafficking through solution-based knowledge and trauma-informed strategies.

We exist today because of generous supporters like you. Your gifts help us to grow/expand services and respond to the hundreds of exploited individuals contacting Innovations HTC for help each year. Please explore these opportunities to support and join us in providing pathways to freedom, safety, and hope.

Strategic Alliance to Fight Exploitation in Washington State

SAFE was started by a team of people who lose sleep at night because they know victims are being sexually exploited in our communities.
That small group grew into a fantastic Advisory Board, that provides counsel on the direction, funding, and grantmaking of SAFE.
We are grateful to everyone who helped SAFE come to life years ago, and to the current Advisory Board for giving their time, expertise, and resources to this effort.

TIDES: A Force for Social Good

Tides accelerate the pace of social change, working with innovative partners to solve society’s toughest problems. A world of shared prosperity and social justice founded on:
Equity, human rights, and economic empowerment
Sustainable environment
Healthy individuals and communities
Quality education

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority

Envisioning equity in health for all
Our mission is to tirelessly champion equity in health through exemplary stewardship of PHPDA’s public resources. We serve as a community ally, resource, convener and change agent to this end.

Office for Victims of Crime

Established in 1988 through an amendment to the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) of 1984, OVC is charged by Congress with administering the Crime Victims Fund (the Fund). Through OVC, the Fund supports a broad array of programs and services that focus on helping victims in the immediate aftermath of crime and continuing to support them as they rebuild their lives. Millions of dollars are invested annually in victim compensation and assistance in every U.S. state and territory, as well as for training, technical assistance, and other capacity-building programs designed to enhance service provider’s ability to support victims of crime in communities across the Nation.

Office for Victims of Crime: Training and Technical Assistance Center

OVC TTAC is the gateway to current training and technical assistance for victim service providers and allied professionals who serve crime victims. Our aim is building the capacity of victim assistance organizations across the country in three primary ways:

Through a variety of training and technical assistance opportunities, OVC TTAC can support your professional development, enhance services to the community, and reach underserved victims of crime.

We use a variety of tools–surveys, stakeholder discussions, evaluations, and feedback forms–to assess the needs of key constituencies and identify resources to meet those needs.

We continually monitor customer satisfaction and measure the effectiveness of our training and technical assistance activities over time. Evaluation gives OVC data that informs the development of future training and technical assistance and provides the assurance that OVC TTAC remains state-of-the-art.

King County

At King County, our work is guided by our True North and values. Our True North is what we aspire to: Making King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive.

Group Health Foundation

Our mission is to transform the balance of power to ensure equity and racial justice across Washington and beyond.

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